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598e54255b5bf.jpg 598e5426327df.png Forums KSIps.gif Highscores[/url] 97OfXoK.png Webclient nkrf1.png Download clientv17 What is BainScape? Online for well over 4 years, BainScape is a server that prides itself on unique and varied content. Everything from 24 skills, all fully featured, 6 levels of Achievement diaries and a vast array of difficult bosses, minigames and wonderful items; it'll be a while until you can really say that you've done everything. - A few features -
    [li]Always online; run on a powerful dedicated server![/li] [li]24 skills, recently revamped![/li] [li]Unique, never before seen item system[/li] [li]Complete Grand Exchange system![/li] [li]100% Curses & Prayers[/li] [li]A selection of custom quests and storylines![/li] [li]A wonderfully made client with plenty of options, including remembering your account[/li] [li]Complete summoning with pouch creation, scrolls and familiars![/li] [li]Automatic donation system![/li] [li]Huge online community (Over 30,000 registered members on the forums!)[/li] [li]Achievement diaries (Easy, Hard, Medium, Elite, and Master)[/li] [li]Great PKing system with a live kill-feed, PK points, and more![/li] [li]Fully working XP counter with fading[/li] [li]Loads of bosses; Nex, Corporeal beast, Bork, Avatar of Destruction, and many more...[/li] [li]Warrior's guild, Pest control, Barrows, Fight pits,and more minigames![/li] [li]Custom survival minigame - progress through waves as you get buffed or de-buffed depending upon your performance![/li] [li]Full clan chat with working dicing![/li] [li]Overloads & Extreme potions[/li] [li]Instant equipment switching[/li] [li]Clipped following[/li] [li]...And much more![/li]
- Grand Exchange - Make trading simple. A complete and easy to use Grand Exchange; leave up to 6 sell offers, even while you're logged out! Search using filters to find the item you want. B7C5Ejt.png 3zoaTiO.png BiC6FQ1.png - Unique item system - Equipment variety is taken to a whole new level; items can have their own unique properties! Make use of condition and attributes to specialize your equipment for any scenario. Below is just one example of two different Abyssal whips. The possible combinations are endless! You can find out more about this system here, on the forum. JbPRsFF.png 80HJ9tQ.png - Colour your Completionist cape! - Maybe not a huge feature; but let other players see the choice of colours in your biggest achievement! Choose any four colours, from an easy-to-use interface. Xk4Yg1w.png - Bosses - With more than 10 bosses throughout the server, keep yourself busy with a challenge - and of course; rare drops. A7DoO.png pd4qJ.png FIokg.png zaRTj.png - Slayer tasks - Acquire more points as you complete more tasks - then spend them on various rewards, or even just cancel those tasks that simply aren't worth your time. 1h1mVAo.png UQCBg4J.png xXk5a8B.png - PKing - Get points for successful player kills - and rack up even more for your killstreaks. Then, spend them on useful equipment at the PKing store! There's also a global killfeed to broadcast your endeavors. 17065_Killfeed.gif 9UCj4.png 5x4fLHF.png - Skilling- Almost every skill was recently reworked to be more streamlined and convenient and of course, be more complete with features. For example, in skills where you create or alter items, you can make use of the Create-X interface to make things simple. 18dqtf.gif 82068_Herblore.gif 29125_Summoning.gif ezWcqJt.png GBXGoZv.png ZIDlwY7.png va2MH78.png KUucURi.png S1qphFj.png [IMG][/IMG]

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