Zanaris Kevin

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We have only been open for a couple months and we already got a nice community built up. We strive to bring you a lag-free and fun gaming environment. With main features: -PVP system with Earned Potential -Target system -Ancient artefacts -Dungeneering items -Champion Tokens minigame -PVP Armour/Primal/Chaotics -Avatars/Tormented demons/Frost dragons/Ballak the pummeler/Bork/Corp Beast/Zanaris Island -Curses -New maps -Castle Wars -Double XP Weekends -Worldwide skilling -Monster hunting -Achievements -Clan chats -Beginner train areas -Safe PK Area -PK Points -Full godwars -Friendly community Client features We have adjusted our Client to make it suitable for everybody. Everybody wants to have a choice in old features such as the old hp bar or the regular hits, and there are people that prefer the new RS ones. This is all possible. Ability to: -Choose the HP bar or the old one -Choose the new RS F keys (to switch) or hold the old ones -Choose x10 damage ingame or the regular hits -Choose the new hitmarks (melee, range, mage) or hold the original 07 RS ones Visit us at: Play the Server here: Webclient: 2190.jpg point-store.png fd80c9313c.jpg 2192.jpg fdb2a4ad3f.jpg 8b1b552f95.png bd9476ab36.jpg c441a3a17b.png 70bcc23f30.jpg 62311a415d.jpg 215953de23.jpg Visit us at: Play the Server here: Webclient:
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