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World of Warcraft Private Servers

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    Why people play Wow Servers?

    World of Warcraft private serves have gained exceptional popularity due to the free game model and additional benefits.

    After the release of the game back in 2004, World of Warcraft gained phenomenal popularity among all fans of fantasy, attracting fans of original strategy games from around the world. Each server from the official WoW Server list is paid, so very soon free servers began to appear on the Internet, called «freeshard». Due to the feature to play one of the most popular MMORPGs in the world for free, the WoW private server list was constantly growing. Some of the servers reached the player count of the official server, in addition to giving users ample opportunities for quick leveling of characters, getting rare items for money and other options that make the gameplay more comfortable.

    How to start playing?

    To register on some of the WoW private servers list, it is only necessary to specify an email address, come up with a username and password. After that, your account will be created and you can log in to the server and start the game by creating a character. Character creation is completely custom — you can choose the gender, the game class (which directly affects the mechanics of the further game), and customize the appearance. In addition, some private servers provide the ability to select those classes and races of characters that aren’t available in the original game — on some servers ogres and nags are playable.

    Should I play?

    The choice is to play on the World of Warcraft official server or on one of the WoW private servers 2019 — entirely with the player. At the moment, the popularity of the game is quite stable, in view of the successful last addon, «reincarnating» the classic game appearance, familiar to players more than fifteen years ago. The subscription fee level has not changed either, playing on the official server will not cost you too much. And yet, many players choose private servers because of the wide possibilities of customization and the diversity of gameplay. Many servers work on the principle of «fun freeshard» — you just register an account, create a character and immediately after the first entry into the game you get the maximum level, and all available types of weapons and other content are freely sold in the respawn place. Such servers are ideal for PvP — a favorite field of activity for many e-sportsmen and amateur players. The list of servers for 2019 is very rich in a wide variety of types — fans of role-playing games, fan servers and even thoroughly remodeled servers with amazing features are available to warcraft fans (for example, at Mopascape server list you can find ones)  — user can play as one of the bosses or purchase weapons with custom statistics. However, many players complain about the imbalance that makes custom settings in the gameplay. That is why the choice — to become a user of one of the private servers or to pay a subscription to play on the official server — lies entirely with the player.

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